About Us

Paul Brown is the "PB" of PB Photography. A passionate and experienced photographer, he specialises in Wedding and Portrait photography.

So much about wedding photography nowadays is not just the act of capturing the image – it is the interaction with the people you are photographing, sometimes even before the camera appears.

Paul says, "A large part of my remit is to make people relax and enjoy the whole event. Although most brides will have organised every last detail, they still need someone they can trust on the day.

"During the pre-wedding interview, I assure my clients that I will relax them and make the occasion feel as natural for them as possible. If a bride and groom are tense, upset or uncomfortable, that will show through in their images."

Rather than having one set style, Paul tends to ‘mix it up’, shooting as he sees whilst always keeping to the remit agreed with the client.

He says "I produce a melting pot of proofs, incorporating both traditional and contemporary shots. The couple are then able to decide what they would like in their album."

Contact Paul either via eMail or by phone for a 'no obligation' info pack.